The Nockamixon Historic Commission is an official commission of Nockamixon Township. The Commission is funded and authorized by the Nockamixon municipal government (Board of Supervisors) solely to preserve and protect the historic assets of Nockamixon Township, Pennsylvania.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Despite continuing misinformation, the Commission is NOT empowered to dictate what Nockmixon residents and businesses can or cannot do with their buildings and properties. That function is not even contained in our mission. We are tasked instead with inventorying, preserving and stewarding the historic assets of Nockamixon Township, Pennsylvania. The Commission is the ONLY organization that has been established via legal ordinance, and which officially represents the historic interests of Nockamixon Township.

The definition of “historic,” insofar as the activities of the Commission are concerned, is any asset that is 50 years old or older. The definition of “asset” may include, but is not limited to:

  • Artifacts and collections
  • Oral history accounts
  • Photos and other media
  • Public records (municipal, school, etc.)
  • Buildings
  • Properties
  • Natural landscape features and views

Our History
The Commission was organized at an initial meeting on July 10, 2008. Present were original members Terry Fritz, Neil Jesiolowski, Anne Lyons, John MacFarland, Helen Nast and Mary Shafer; Supervisor liaison Nancy Janyszeski; and guest Tom Schweder, co-owner of the historic Indian Rock Inn.

Current Information:
Regular meetings are held at the Nockamixon Township Building at 589 Lake Warren Road in Upper Black Eddy, PA  18972 at 7:00 PM on the third Tuesday of each month. Except for meetings when we must be in executive session, the public is welcome to attend. Current commissioners include: Neil Jesiolowski, Chair; Terry Fritz, Vice Chair; Shirley Bonsall, Secretary; James Knight, Commissioner, Rosanne McCarty, Commissioner. Dave DiPalantino, Board of Supervisor Liaison.

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