Scout Sam progress interviewing residents

We have had the pleasure to help Sam VanderGast work on his Eagle Scout badge by interviewing lifelong residents.  Sam’s family isn’t from the area, so we’ve tried to pick people who can give insight to all areas of the township.  We ask all interviewees to tell a little about their family and their recollections about schools, churches, environment, businesses, etc.  This has effectively put some confirmation behind some township events.  Plus we’ve all learned tid-bits!
   Sam’s Mom, Shari, knows Neil, so he was the guinea pig for interviews.  Being the first, he gave Sam a wide range of knowledge about the township, his recollections about schools, churches, environment, businesses, and of course, a few stories.
  We then chatted with Carl Lehr, former Kintnersville postmaster.  Carl enlightened us about Kintnersville, folks he knew (that would have been everyone!!), businesses in town and stories he heard from his father (also postmaster!)  Carl and his father together were postmasters for 51 yrs!  That’s a lot of knowledge of Kintnersville!
  Blanche Bartman Wehrung graced us with her recollections of Ferndale. Lots of history:  Grandfather Wm Shick ran a shoe factory; Mother, Verna was a school teacher at Revere one room; Father, Paul ran the Riegelsville garage; and of course, husband, Woody started Wehrung’s!   Who knew Blanche was a Navy vet?
  Bob DeGroot was our next participant.  DeGroot’s are not multiple generation, but lived in the hub-bub of Revere since 1945, where his folks operated the general store and post office. Bob took over operation of the store in 1969, where he’s still serving coffee to the morning crowd.  We thank Bob for all his years of service on the Palisades School Board.
  This Sunday, we talked to Howard Roth, heir to the infamous Trauger farm on Nockamixon Road.  Howard has been farming this iconic farm since he was 16 and gave us insights to farming in the area.  We thank Howard for his decades of hard work to the local food chain,  putting the farm in the Conversancy, preserving it forever from development and many years on the township zoning board.
  Upcoming:  Rose McCarty
  Interview time is starting to run out for Sam, as he has much behind the scenes to do to complete his project.  We, NHC, are delighted to have shared these interviews with him and hope he has been enriched and encouraged by these upstanding residents. If you know of anyone who would like to be interviewed, the commission will continue with this project, preserving resident’s memories.  Perhaps another scout or student will pick up the torch and continue where Sam left off.


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