US Postal Mail:
Nockamixon Historic Commission
589 Lake Warren Road
Upper Black Eddy, PA  18972

You may contact our Chairman, Neil Jesiolowski, at 215-534-4616.

Email us at noxhistcomm AT (Replace “AT” with the “@” symbol. Sorry, we’re trying to prevent spam.) or use the form below.

In Person:
The Commission meets regularly at 7:00 PM on the third Tuesday of each month. We gather at the Nockamixon Township Building at 589 Lake Warren Road in Upper Black Eddy. Unless we’re in executive session, all meetings are open to the public. Get directions.

2 comments on “Contact

  1. please post information about the Jeff Marshall flyer I just saw today. I’d like to inform our Historical Society of the event.

  2. John Martin says:

    Hello, My name is John Martin. I love Nockamixon and have been going there for over 25 years. Recently, I was appointed to the Lenape Nation sacred sites council. I have been visiting known and suspected Lenni Lenap’e sites all over Eastern PA and Nj for the purpose of documentation, through photographs and map drawing. Mainly I do it because I respect the ways of the native people from our area, plus I enjoy being outside in the woods. I know there are are a few documented sites at the park, some submerged, and I would love to find out more information about any sites, if at all possible. All of my findings basically would be displayed at the cultural center in Easton, PA., run by the Lenape Nation. Thank you for your time and any info you may provide. Wanishi! John

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